I love all kinds of films apart from horrors. And I won't be ashamed to say that I love rom-com (romantic comedies)! "When in Rome", "Knocked up", "The ugly truth", oh you name it and I have watched it all! My idea is that rom-com lets our brain relaxed because of easy on the eye and brain contents.

Recently, I went to see "Going the distance" starring Drew Barrimore and Justin Long. And also one of the most talked-about films, "Eat, Pray, Love" starring Julia Roberts.

"Going the distance" was such a cute movie. A girl who lives in San Francisco and a guy who lives in New York fall in love and try to have a long-distance relationship.

The reason I am writing about this film is that it's not one of those "oh I cannot live without you, I'll come to pick you up and let's live happily ever after" type film.
They both realise their own lives in different places and in the end they decide to go separate ways.
But in the end what happened was that the guy quit the job he wasn't sure about and decide to change his career to follow what he belives in. And then coincidentally his job moves to Los Angeles, where he could be close to her and they get back together!

What's nice about this film is that they both compromise but at the same time not compromise.
What I mean is that they both love each other and want to be together. But they compromised their feelings for each other not to compromise their career.
Anyone who has had long-distance relationship can relate themselves to the film.

And the important lesson from the film is that when we love someone we should learn to let them go and also if you already know what you love to do we cannot compromise ourselves.

The other film I loved was "Eat, Pray, Love".
This is a true story of a woman who had a painful divorce and a painful break-up to go on a round-trip to realise the balance in life and to realise herself.
This kind of film seems such a cliche but it was sweet and made me cry.
Through the round-trip she learns how to feel the pain and let it go, when the excruciating pain hits her, feels it and then let it go. It shows us how someone reached the way of learning to love herself.
Also, the breath-takingly beautiful scenes from Italy, India and Bali are well worth watching.

There are people who say, "Happiness is a default state."
And some others would say "Life is filled with sadness and pain and happiness rarely happen to our lives."

What I would like to think is that "We STRIVE TO be happy, happiness doesn't come to us without us realising it." We have to feel the pain and happiness with all our heart and body and then take one step back to see the big picture, the true meaning of appreciation.


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Someone once said this; You know what every single person on earth has and given equally? It's time. "Time" is the most fairest and kindest thing in our life.

While I was working I never had time to reflect on my life, socialise, watch TV, write weblogs. Now that I am a full-time housewife or so-called "lady of leisure", I have all the time in the world. And at the moment what I indulge myself in the most is TV!
So, I want to talk about my favourite TV shows.


If you have a cable TV at home in Portugal, you would have all the american TV shows you want with Portuguese subtitles! In fact that's how I've learnt some Portuguese colloquial terms like;

"A serio?" (meaning "really?")
"Ja voltamos!" (meaning "we'll be right back")

Among all the american TV shows I love, such as "Oprah", "Dr. Phil", "America's next top model", my recent favourite is "Biggest loser (Portuguese title is "Peso Certo=correct weight", lol)". It's like a camp, where people are put in a rigorous routine of workouts and diets, but it has elimination every week where the least loser (the person who had lost the least percentage of their weight) has to leave the camp . And at the end of the each cycle they all have weigh-in to see how much weight they have lost. And the contestant who lost more weight than any others would win a cash prize!

Has there ever been better TV show than this?

Reality TV is all the rage all over the world. Some of them are really dull, and frankly stupid but there are some good ones with a very good cause. Apart from "Peso certo", Gok Wan's "How to look good naked"(the title is pretty self-explanatory. Each week Gok invites a woman with a complex for the body shape and give them a make-over mentally (with all the helpful beauty and fashion advice). Basically he helps them feel comfortable in their own skins! And "Freaky eaters" where a nutritionist and a psychologist help people overcome their damaging food habits and with fear of certain types of foods.
I don't think TV shows were never as entertaining and as "humane" as those. The shows make people healthier and happier mentally and physically.

Anyways some of the above mentioned shows can be watched on channel 6 "Sic Mulher", the channel dedicated to all the female kinds out there. It also has some portuguese talk shows and they talk about recent trends, fashion, films.

Also, another TV channel worth mentioning is cannal Mezzo (channel no. 150), where they show every genre of cool music (when I say "cool" I don't mean those Top chart MTV type music)! The other day they were showing some clips from Jazz Festival in Marciac, France, and I discovered Hiromi Uehara, 30 years-old amazing jazz pianist from Japan! The way she plays the piano is just so inspiring! You can tell she is animated and is in a ultimate happiness! My husband said "Playing is like breathing for these people.", that's it, she was born to do it.

Wouldn't it be nice if we all had something in life with the proud to say "I was born to do it!"?

Some people are lucky enough to find something they feel passionate about from their early age.
But I think in most cases we actually keep doing something we kind of coincidentally come to do it and start loving it. Because we are always drawn to something we see our potentials in...at the end of the day we always have to do something that feels right for you, yes, the instinct! If we are honest with ourselves, with our instinct, we are always in the right place at the right time.
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I've been learning Portuguese for the last 3 months. No doubt, brain-mashingly difficult....the amount of tenses, sex of the nouns, etc etc....sigh.....
Knowing English doesn't really help when it comes to the grammer...if anything it makes it even more confusing....

But when it comes to vocabulary building, knowing English does help.
For example,
Menopause=Menopausa (such a random pick of words, eh?)

We could easily guess how some words would look like in Portuguese.



But another thing I realised was that some Portuguese words seem to be direct literal translation of English! (or maybe vice versa...don't know which language group has borrowed from which..)

For example,
Hot dog= cachorro quente (cachorro=puppy, quente=hot)
Honeymoon= Lua de mel (lua=moon, mel=honey)
Well-being= bem estar (bem=well, estar=being)


まさに、これですな。 Literally.

Anyways, it's fun to learn a new language! It's so interesting to learn the way how ideas are constructed in a language and how they are expressed, how the experiences of people are blended into the language.

Right now I'm handful with learning Portuguese. But I hope I could keep learning different languages until the end of my life!

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Portugal is not known as one of the fashion or culture capitals. But Lisbon is definitely a city of moda, mix of new cultures with class. That's what I LOVE about this city!
Not so known but there are always some cool events going on in Lisbon :)
For example, the last weekend I was at the fashion weekend in Lisbon, so called Moda Lisboa.
It was such a glamourous scene, all the exhibits of cosmetics, swatch, nespresso, martini, and high street fahion magazines. I so didn't belong to it but it was interesting to see the fashion conscious people (how they dress themselves, carry themselves and interact with people).e0206813_624515.jpge0206813_65068.jpg
There were catwalks for those invited as well..so couldn't see it :(

From the looks we saw at the scene, this autumn and winter, leopard patterns, leather pants, supershort with long fringe are still in this year.


Little happiness: Do something different from everyday lives, something I'm not familiar with. It's refreshing!
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A little while ago we were looking for some cheap flights somewhere just for a long weekend....flights to France, London, Italy...but wherever the destination was, all the flights in September and October were quite pricey....then my husband found a website for hotel discounts in the country. In the high season, July, August and September usually the hotels in Algarve(Southern part of Portugal) get fully booked up and very expensive..but if you look into the beginning of low season October, the prices drop quite a bit!!

That's how we ended up making a little trip to Algarve.

The great thing about Algarve in October is that there are a lot less tourists but there is enough sun to enjoy the beach! It was probably one of the most relaxing holidays I've ever had! And if you are a little bit tired of the city life and tired of learning to speak Portuguese, its a nice get-away!


Algarve is a nice relaxing place to visit
1. Because everywhere we went the signs and menus were available both in English and German.
2. Amazing varieties of restaurants and quality customer services!
(the first photo is the amazing "arroz de mariscos(seafood rice)" we ate at Prainha.)
3. Absolutely gorgeous beaches


The photo is from Sagres (the sourthnest point of Portugal).



Natureza tambem e a nossa casa. (Nature is also our home.)
It's one of the signs for environment preservation we saw in Sagres.

Little happiness: the power of a great outdoor activity, the healing power of the nature!

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